Let's do a poll: sensor on D7100

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Re: IMO a no to 24mp..

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Improved 16mp one 16mp is more than most will ever need

If Nikon go to 24mp then at least have an option to produce smaller raw file sizes.

I'm a Nikon SLR user and have always felt good about their equipment and how well it maintains as a system but sometimes I think I see some old bait for the mass market.

I was in a camera shop a couple of days ago and we were, with some humor, debating the D3200 pixel count. I guess Nikon is feeding the animals. It does target consumers sold on pixel counts as an assessment gauge. We joked over the file sizes. I'd even venture to say that most people targeted aren't very advanced photographers... and I don't think that should offend anyone because it's true. Personally, I do shoot a lot as part of my work so I do know what I have to have and what I don't.

Improved 16 megapixels is plenty. 12 megapixels is beautiful. As far as smaller RAW files, yes please though I just wish the D7000 had TIFF options for use with ACR so I didn't have to shoot full RAW all the time.

Anyway, I was back at the store yesterday and there were a couple of customers weighing a new D800 against a D700. They were concerned about file sizes they'd have to contend with. We joked about the issue debated the previous day but I gave them the input on TIFF vs. RAW.

I'd be very happy to see 16 mp or even high quality 12 mp as a standard. There's plenty more than pixel counts that can improve usefulness. I'd prefer the most pixels on equipment designed for commercial application.

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