Nikon FF-user loving his E-M5 (12 pics)

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Re: Nikon FF-user loving his E-M5 (12 pics)

artyone wrote:

Thanks Anders,

I to am a FF nikon user but mainly m4/3 and a little canon 600d with 10-22 now.

The 105 dc has been on wishlist for a while but it may not be useful I guess if I stay with m4/3 and grow my native lense set.

So do you shoot pro/ paid work with the OMD and how is the reaction from the client when you turn up with such a small camera?

Having scaled back from 120roll, to F5 then a sea of Nikon dslr's, the move to say a OMD is a big size reduction.

Some clients seem to think the bigger the camera the better and more professional the images...

Hvae you found that?


Hi Artyone:-)

I am a journalist who sometimes used to do pictures when doing portraits/reportages but I have recently moved into radio which kind of negates the need for pictures;-) Therefore, I haven't showed up to a "paid" job with the E-M5 so I can't tell you from firsthand experience how a client would respond to the small camera.

This guy have though

He basically says it's a non-issue and "all up in your head";-)

I guess one could use the 2-piece grip to make the camera look bigger the first couple of paid jobs until the feeling of inadequacy has gone;-)

If, however, you choose to keep your FF Nikon the 105 DC is THE lens to get for portraits. I sold one to get the 85 1.4G but regretted it big time so went back to the 105 again:-)

The microcontrast is just phenomenal IMHO.

This one is D700 with 105 DC (not a great shot but the only 105 DC in my gallery;-))


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