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IPOP wrote:

When I'm just taking family snapshots, I just use my LX-5. Why all the bother with a DSLR when there are some very capable little compacts now. If you are using the SB400 for this task, it's not really going to look that much better anyway.

This I definitely disagree with. I've taken lots of family pictures with a D40X, a bounced SB-400 (indoors) and using the 18-55 VR, 18-70 or 50 1.4G lens and I can tell you even that old camera has better quality than an LX-5. Plus bounced flash. I'm not bashing the LX-5 or compacts in general (I've used and like my dad's Canon S90) but there is a big sensor size disparity here.

Get an SB-400, you won't regret it. It really is small and light--it feels great on my D40X whereas my SB-700 is uncomfortably heavy for me due to the size of the D40X's grip. Unfortunately I dropped my camera on the garage floor a few months ago and while my SB-400 still works the front plastic cover over the flash bulb shattered and the hinges are broken.

I took this picture using the SB-700 but I could've easily done the same with the -400. Isn't this what most parents want to be able to do? Take a quick snap at their child's first birthday party, quickly process it in Lightroom, and be done with it?

The Sunpak RD2000 looks interesting but I'd rather have the known i-TTL capabilities of the SB-400.

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