7D or 5D mark 2

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Re: 7D or 5D mark 2

This topic has been discussed to death ever since the 7D arrived, so you should search the forum for past threads. I own both. My experience -- and I would say the general consensus -- is that both are excellent cameras for most purposes, and each has a few specific strengths.

7D - Significantly better autofocus for moving targets is its main edge. Other benefits include a bit of extra reach due to the crop factor, and access to the EF-S lenses (which can be a good value, e.g., the 10-22mm and 17-55mm f/2.8 IS). If you are primarily doing sports and wildlife, I'd pick the 7D.

5D2 - The full frame sensor enables overall slightly better image quality, shallower DOF, bit better high ISO performance. This is not a mysterious full frame technology issue. It's just a bigger sensor. If you are primarily doing portraits and landscapes, I'd pick the 5D2.

You said you do a bit of everything. So which to choose in that case? Tough call. I'll say the 7D, and put the money you save into the lenses. It's a bit more versatile, even though under controlled conditions the 5D2 will produce the better image.

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