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Re: sure, church photos REQUIRE an F0.95 lens

Link to pics taken in a church at 50mm f0.95. This was the only lens I had at the time these pics/videos were taken. At f1.4 it was considerably darker, at f2.8 I was very dissatisfied. I used to do weddings at f2.8 with Canon USM i.s. lenses. The image stabilization allowed me to shoot with 200/400 ISO film. The Nex is unstabilized though and requires a faster lens imo.

The majority are soft and low quality due to them being captured from video at f1600+. My intent was to take only video during the ceremony but even with a monopod it was so shaky I made the video into pics. Deshaker software didn't work on my soft, tightly cropped video.

I like the look fast lenses produce a lot and ordered the t0.95, a much sharper more expensive lens. I plan to purchase the fd 24mm 1.4. Fast lenses aren't about price, size and brand. They're about lighting, speed, sharpness, quality and creativity.

Everyone's photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

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