RX100: Owner impressions and 2 full size samples

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Re: RX100: Owner impressions and 2 full size samples

Dianoda wrote:

Some oversights: no auto ISO in manual mode - my 7D can do this, and it's something I miss.

Yes, the famous TAv mode that Pentax had since the K10D (2006). I wonder why it's not more copied. Auto ISO in M mode works but it's a bit confusing to offer auto something in manual mode.

Another missing feature is the ability to set a minimum shutter speed in aperture priority mode. I don't consider either missing feature to be a dealbreaker, just some things Sony could have included to make the RX100 better. With any luck one or both of these features will be added via firmware update.

Don't hold your breath

Another feature they left is the remote control. I would gladly trade the HDMI port for a remote, IR if possible.

One shot AF is fast, and tracking AF works well as a focus-and-recompose type option

Yes that's really neat and works very well indeed.

That said, AF has been not so reliable for me. In some conditions my RX100 seems to pick the wrong focus, maybe in 5-10% of my shots.

Not so good also is stabilization, at 1/13s I couldn't get a sharp shot at wide angle. Something I could do easily at 1/8s with my Pentax DSLR.

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