RX100s everywhere

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Re: RX100s everywhere

Similar background for me as well, $8000 tied up in my DSLR system, but the RX100 is for when I don't want to lug all that awesome, but heavy, glass around.

brianric wrote:

Nikon FX DSLR user. RX-100 arrives tomorrow (Saturday). Wanted point and shoot camera that takes great pictures when I don't want to lug my DSLRs. It was the NY Times article that convinced me. Brand loyality has nothing to do with a fixed lens camera. I have over $40,000 tied up in Nikon gear, so it's obvious I'm not going to even consider a Sony DSLR. I've been mostly Canon for fixed lens cameras, this is my first Sony.

trale wrote:

BobT wrote:

I'm guessing that this is the GREATEST camera that you Sony folks have seen in a while. Don't recall seeing anything this exciting in any forums for a while. Is this like, free, to boot?

Not Sony folks.

Plenty of shooters of other brands of picking this up and as a result posting in this forum now. Case in point:
How many new member to this forum because of RX100? (Myself included)

It is far from free. But there are plenty of people (regardless of brand loyalty) who wants the best camera one can slip in their pockets, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

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