5D mark III Error 80 problems?

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Re: 5D mark III Error 80 problems?

I have a Canon 1DX. It's my second copy and I've shot just over 500 images, mostly with an 85/1.2 lens. I got an error code 80 tonight when I put the lens cap on and mistakenly pressed the shutter button halfway. I took the cap off and fired off a few shots and the error code went away. Here's the rub. It's my second 1DX in a week. The first one got an error code 30 after just over a thousand images. On that one, I shot with several lenses, 70-200/2.8 II, 85/1.2, and 24/1.4. Error code 30 was a locked shutter and it appeared every few images after the first time it showed up. When I called Canon tech support, they were surprised and recommended I get a replacement unit since it was within the 2 week window. Now, this error code 80 doesn't give me a warm feeling about this new camera. I hope it's not to do with the shutter or anything mechanical, but rather some type of software glitch that can be fixed.

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