Portrait pics - please critique

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Re: Nice work indeed! But two pix are spoiled becasuse...

Depends on the subject. I agree that the full B&W shot and the colourised photo are not great uses for B&W or partial colourisation. A competing ideal of photography though is not to show how something 'actually looks' but to reveal something overlooked. For example the almost cliché subject of a pelican. An average shot of a pelican in color looks terrible. B&W on the other hand, even if its only a mediocre photo, does away with the distraction of a pink beak on a black and white bird and allows people to concentrate on the texture of the feathers, reveals a 'wet' look and sheen that a shot in color will not. In short B&W is good for revealing hidden luminosity and overlooked texture. Without color information people fall back to looking at a photo in a different way to see different things. However, as with any special effect (and B&W is a special effect) the quality of the photo is reveled by the effect, not distracted by it. If people see the effect more than the photo its been done wrong. B&W requires an entirely different vision to color and most photos in one seldom look good in the other.

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