Which is best purely for filming - 650d, 60d or 7d?

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For serious shooting, 650d or 60D with Magic Lantern firmware. This is essential for serious shooting, Transforms Canon DSLRs to video camera with pro features. Also a huge improvement for still shooting. ML is NOT available for the 7D. 650D has advantage of HD crop mode if you need much further reach.
Sam K., NYC

You are talking about 600D. ML is not available for 650D (might be in the future). Also 650D doesn't have the crop mode of 600D (who knows why?).

So if you want autofocus during movies - you want 650D with the 18-135 stm. If you don't want autofocus - 600D would be the best choice. (has ML support and movie crop mode). That's if you really want a Canon, otherwise - GH2!+

I can't believe they took away the crop mode - one of the great features of the 600D! Has anyone tested the Video AF to see if it really works and is useful? I'm sure ML will be available for 650D very soon, the unified version can be easily adapted to all new Canon cameras.

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Sam K., NYC

Yes, REALLY stupid to remove this great feature. It's available on the new EOS-M, so I really can't see Canon's logic in removing it from the 650D. They might bring it back with a firmware update...

ML won't be that easy to adapt for the 650D as it has a new processor. It's the same situation as with the 5D mk3.

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