60D: question regarding "resolution"

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Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
Re: 60D: question regarding "resolution"

Changing it to '0' will actually crash a lot of older software and occasionally print drivers. Some online web-sites that accept uploaded files might actually lose their front end server with goofy DPI numbers because the Java code writer wasn't expecting to divide by zero, or one.

Of course, I do this as frequently as I can

As I recall you could BSOD older versions of Photoshop this way. Almost as much fun as the 'negative indents inside of tables crash bug' in Ms-Word.

Some file formats don't have a DPI spec in the header, and as I recall TGA is one of them. Since I used to work exclusively with TGA files I learned quickly that DPI is meaningless, unless you are a printer.

Adobe has perpetuated the DPI mentality over the years, so I blame a lot of this confusion on them. With DPI tolerant commercial printers that do adequate interpolation we're slowly seeing an end to the DPI spec.

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