Off topic: Linux vs Windows

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Off topic: Linux vs Windows

I saw the other thread of a photographer putting his workflow onto linux and that thread turning into this OS war. I wanna put in my opinion but thought it deserves its own thread.

I started out with computers in 1988 playing with Commodore 64, and soon turning to PC-s using DOS. I learnt some database program back then which I forgot by now, programmed in PASCAL, and used AUTOCAD extensively under DOS. Then the computer world turned towards Windows in around 1995 (I know Win 3.1 came out earlier...)

I have been an "advanced" computer user, and helped putting in computer networks many times over. I went through Windows NT, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Server 2003, I SKIPPED VISTA (thanks god), and now use Win 7. Win 8 doesn't look good.

At my workplace I started tinkering with Linux and pretty much transferred all work onto a Ubuntu desktop. At home I have transferred my Win 7 computer to dual boot (I kept Windows so my wife gets around the computer easier).

At my work, I'm running 4 Asterisk phone system servers on Linux, and they show 800-1200 days of runtime without a single hitch or reboot. I also run Win Server 2003 and they require their reboot, depending on actions, usage, etc. I also run an enterprise level phone system (besides Asterisk) with over 2000 stations and that was also built around Linux.


Windows (7) is an easy to use, widespread OS that most everybody can work with. Linux is - I would say - an OS that requires a lot more knowledge to get it working the way you want but provides a more stable and reliable experience. I think IT people who like to control their computers and servers would pick Linux over Windows (I know it's not everybody - so don't get me wrong...). And that must be why there are more servers running Linux. But on desktop, your average user doesn't care to learn every last bit about computers to tinker with Linux.

On my Ubuntu desktop, I don't have any antivirus, I don't have to worry about corrupted registry, or ad-ware, malware, or anything. All other Windows computers I use are slowed down by the above - and you even have to pay for it.

My personal opinion is that for me Linux is better, and I'm glad a photographer found all he needed to work in Linux, and I'll follow his path with my A700. That doesn't mean everybody should as others will not be interested in learning a different operating system - and it's totally fine.

If somebody decides to use Windows, that's his / her decision and it doesn't make the person an @-hole. Neither does a Linux user.


Sony Alpha DSLR-A700
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