45mm Oly VS 50mm FD Lens a $250 difference. Is it worth it????

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Re: 45mm Oly VS 50mm FD Lens a $250 difference. Is it worth it????

I know that most in this forum are enamored with the Oly 45mm, and so they should since it takes wonderful photos. My favorite lens is the Pany 25mm/f1.4, and that is my typical FOV that I like (the 20mm/f1.7 also). Whenever I shoot with 45 or tele lenses, I need to be more deliberate in my composing and AF is not that useful to me.

I borrowed the 45mm from a friend and found all this out. Namely, the tighter FOV meant I could not do as casual and spontaneous photos that I like of my family. I found most of the photos needed me to move further back; perhaps this is just not using this FOV enough in my casual shooting. In any case, I compared this 45 with a Minolta 50/f1.7 which I bought for less than $20 and I found very little difference in my photos. As far as I am concerned the bokeh is pretty much the same to me and since I need to reflect on my shots using this FOV, paying all that money for AF was not valuable to me... Al
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