RX100 vs Canon S100 - Corners

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Re: RX100 vs Canon S100 - Corners

I now own a RX100 myself.

I think that the sensor / jpg engine is fantastic for the 2,2µm small pixels, but the lens is below average.

Sure, it#s sharp in the center even wide open,. but the corners are raelly bad and they do not get much better when stopping down. The "macro" function at wide angle is a bad joke imho.

So you have to make compromises with the lens. The RX100 seems to be an excellent party / snapshot camera with the main focus on the centre of the image, but I'm not sure if it fills my needs as a traval camera which includes architecure or landscapes where I want to have high picture quality in the corners, too.

So I'm not a believer in the 1" compact camera with small lens concept yet.

I will also buy one of those new cameras with a 1/1,7" sensor and try both for myself. I just wait for the XZ-1 successor to decide which one I want to try.

Maybe for a small travel camera a good new 1/1,7" sensor (at 12MP the individual pixel size would not be much smaller than the RX100 pixel size) and a good lens would be the better option for me...

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