Need for a DX 2,8 / 50 - 200 VR/OS?

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Re: Need for a DX 2,8 / 50 - 200 VR/OS?

joejack951 wrote:

Let's assume you buy a D700. For almost the same price as a 70-200VRII, you could buy a 24-120/4 VR and an 80-200 AF-D. You wouldn't have a stabilized telezoom but you'd gain stabilization and range for your standard zoom which would make up for part of the lost stabilized range on the telezoom. DOF of f/4 on FX is the same as f/2.8 on DX and the D700 is at least one stop better at high ISO than any DX camera so at worst, you've lost nothing with the smaller max aperture on the mid range zoom. You gain even more DOF control with the telezoom though. You could even toss in a fairly cheap 85/1.8 AF-D for a portrait/shallow DOF/low light lens.

That sounds indeed tempting, however as a sum stil quite expensive ;-(

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