How bad is the 14-42 mk I that bundles with the E-PL1?

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Re: Most likely Mk1 lens......

Guy Parsons wrote:

By far the most likely lens is the Mk1 version, you can tell by the filter size, 40.5 mm printed on the front of the lens. It is still an OK lens, better than the Mk2 for closeups like flowers and the like as it does focus closer at 42mm.

Some people experienced shake problems with the lens at shutter speeds in the range 1/60 to 1/100 I think. I never saw that effect myself with mine. Some said using anti-shock delay of 1/8 second helps with eliminating or reducing that effect. The anti-shock delay causes a timed delay between the initial shutter close to when it starts running again for the exposure.

Some more random E-PL1 info on my pages at

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Man, I just checked it out and there it is. 40.5. I took a bunch of test shots to check this out. I did a series at 14, 20, 35, and 42mm. On the tripod and handheld duplicating each shot under identical lighting conditions for each set of tests. I have yet to download the card and go over them, but I'll be doing so today. I did notice some blur with the handhelds, but like I said I want to go over them on my computer with a larger monitor... So far I'm really liking this camera, though, and I'm having a blast. I really like this E-PL1. Just by taking a quick glance on the camera's monitor I liked the 14 and the 35 the most. That wide angle is just what I've been looking for for a majority of shots that I'm trying to get for a project. My first Prime is going to be a Noktor 12mm 1.6, but since I like the 35 so much I'm also looking for a 35mm that's fast. Thanks for the link to your page. I'll be checking it out, along with this thread more often, if I come across anymore problems. Its a good resource you put together there.
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