m4/3 macro kit?

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Re: m4/3 macro kit?

Was wondering why the GH2 in preference to the OM-D? Its true, the GH2 is a joy for macro work, but in my experience the weathersealing of the Oly system is a huge plus, and what they've managed to do with the sensor in the OM-D is simply magic, particularly for macro (sharpness, colour, contrast all much better than I saw from my GH2). And the diddy little twin LED flexible light is great fun for close-up work.

Then, Oly are bringing out a weathersealed mFT 60mm macro "real soon now", apparently. I'm running the 50-200 on the weathersealed FT-mFT adaptor, and am getting great results (you'll know about the 50-200, no surprise there). I ran the Oly 50 macro on my GH2 for a while, got the Panny 45 macro, and soon sold the Oly on. Nothing against the Oly 50, but I found that, for whatever reason, mixing manufacturer lenses and bodies was not optimal. The 45 just worked much better than the 50 on the GH2. If my crystal ball had been working, of course, I'd have kept the 50, I'd guess it would have run just fine on the OM-D. I'd also have kept the ring flash and the twin flash that mount on the Oly 50 (and don't mount so nicely or easily on anything else).

Some other notes: Loved the 100-300 on the GH2, looking to get the EC-14 to match that range on the OM-D using the 50-200. Found putting diopters on the 14-45 worked well.

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