canon DPP? need some help

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Re: canon DPP? need some help

I tested this DPI thing out a work a few years back with a very expensive color laser printer that is used for printing instruction manuals with full color pictures. As was said already, it mainly doesn't matter. I printed the same pic out at 100, 150, 200, 300 and 600DPI. Anything beyond 300, and you can see it even when viewing as close as your eyes will allow you too see. Overall size of print doesn't matter as 300 DPI is the same at any physical print size as long as your print settings aren't auto filling a sheet of paper beyond 100% zoom. In that case it's the megapixel size that limits and going beyond 100% is effectivly reducing the dpi. Exporting out to jpg from raw will simply set the metadata of the file to 300DPI and that can be helpful when printing (and that's what I set to as well).

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