How useful is a monopod?

Started Aug 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: How useful is a monopod? Better in some axis than others...


Using a monopod versus hand-held will improve stability in some axis better than others: pitch (front to back) will improve, yaw (horizontal side to side) won't improve much, and roll (twisting on the lens axis) will be better.
If you have a tripod, extend only one leg to try it for yourself.

The monopod is like a tripod in other situations...not to quick to allow changing quickly from vertical to horizontal orientation, or react to changing situations.
A fast ball head sure helps there.
For long exposures or for multiple shots for HDR, the tripod is best.
Do your lenses have image stabilization? VR/IS may be better than the monopod.

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