Anyone happy with the FZxxx viewfinder eyecup?

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Re: Third response from Panasonic

kkardster wrote:

eagle2a wrote:

Possibly one of the reasons for the full view is the ability to get the eye closer to the finder.

That would still be possible if a softer material was used for the existing EVF. Even a scratch-rsistant overlay would like not matter. The full view could be impaired if an add-on eyecup was considered.

You'd think Panasonic must have an intern they could turn loose on this matter for practically nothing...

I wish I had seen this post earlier on as I have an experience of my own re vignetting on the FZ150 EVF. I would be afraid that an actual eyecup would exacerbate the problem I have experienced, unless Panasonic also act on the suggestion I made to them some time back. I recognize the need to prevent scratching of eyeglass lenses by some means or another though as well.

Here is a copy of the post I made on the subject in another thread:

I bought the FZ150 some months back but returned it when I discovered that I was unable to view the full display thru the EVF, due to not being able to get my eyeball close enough to the viewer. I need to wear my specs at all times (I have astigmatism).

I discovered that the available viewing window on the EVF of the FZ150 is greatly reduced by a black masking which is applied to the inside of the viewing pane. Without that there would be no problem whatever, in my estimation. A ca. 17 x 12mm window is reduced to something like 8 x 6mm by this masking. I reported my observations to Panasonic UK, and they told me they would pass the info on as part of their next "Voice of the Customer" report.

I don't know what the reasoning was for the masking in the first place, but I hope they see fit to reduce it or eliminate it completely in future models, as I suggested — no extra cost involved, and we bespectacled folks can come on board! It was very disappointing to have to send back the FZ150, and I really hope the FZ200 will be a keeper.

Here is a side-by-side view of the backs of the FZ200 and FZ150 respectively so that you can see the masking I'm talking about.

It looks as if the EVF on the FZ200 has a more rounded masking than on the FZ150, but will that help?. Won't know till we can try it for ourselves. What would be the problem with eliminating the masking altogether and allow for maximum flexibility of use by all types of users, even those with deeply set eyeballs and thick spectacles?

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