Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: BestBuy? They need more than that...

Jim in Hudson wrote:

il_alexk wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

It's an uphill battle but Pentax can be successful if they stick to their strengths (dSLRs) and achieve much higher visibility of their products. One simple step, getting their cameras in Best Buy (USA), would make a huge difference.

BestBuy is already selling Pentax products:

I doubt that one simple step in a highly competitive market can win the "uphill battle". Even if such a step does exists, it will be matched by multiple steps from competitors not willing to lose their market share to Pentax.

"Ship to store" doesn't count. You can't find a Pentax dSLR in a Best Buy store so how is it any different than buying through an internet retailer, other than making it easier to return?

I see they want $225.00 more than B & H for the body and 18-55 lens.

Looks like they are not too serious about selling too many...

Get real cameras in real stores and you've made progress.

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