Full Moon and Seeing Stars - This can't be real..

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Re: The answer is....

Thanks for the headsup Jim,

Pretty deep explanation here. But still question, why don't the stars appear on the first pic if you applied similar PP?

Anyhow, the stars looks nice, just remove some of the undesired one esp around the moon, and you can trick the whole family.

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

I revisited all the shots and have determined that the "stars" are, in fact, the result of being to heavy handed with the clarity adjustment.

I used spot metering on the moon itself and had some -EV dialed in. This resullted in under exposure and when I made the compensation in Lightroom this brought out some sensor noise and the clarity adjustment amplified this creating what appeared to be stars. Lesson learned... check the -EV before you shoot the moon.

So, it's not dust... it is operator error and over-processing in Lightroom (which I am new to) and still learning.
Jim Radcliffe
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The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

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