Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Of 22mm f/2 envy ... not

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Sure, that's precisely what he said: smaller sensors require higher resolving lenses to achieve the same resolution. A sensor issue. Which demands higher resolution lenses. Which leads manufacturers to build higher resolution lenses. Large format lenses are notoriously soft relative to 35mm lenses, but over a larger area, record much more detail. The same applies to APS-C versus FF. They're (generally speaking) sharper because they can be and they have to be.

I'm going to assume that Leica involved in that test was designed with maximum resolution in mind, and has some of the most modern engineering at play.

Certainly, although they have to balance it with other factors. Either way, it's easier to design a high resolution lens that covers a smaller image circle, and that's why the Sigma 30 is able to compete, in terms of resolution. m4/3 also needs higher resolution lenses than NEX does, in order to compete with NEX in output resolution. To give an extreme example, most P&S lenses are generally much higher in resolution than DSLR lenses.

That being said, I also find it amusing that Sigma 19 didn't perform as well. It too is designed with the same parameters as the 30. In fact, it returned max resolution at f/4 virtually identical to Sony's 16mm pancake. Another interesting bit... Sony's 50mm macro performed poorly compared to 30mm macro and even worse than Sony 16mm pancake.

I don't think that will make me conclude that Sony 16mm would be my choice for sharpness/resolution over the macro.

It's more difficult to design a 28mm equiv. than a 45mm equiv., and the Sony 16 is actually very sharp in the center, for its focal length. It's the edges of the Sony 16 that are the problem for some.

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