Retina display a gimic?

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Re: Retina display a gimic?

While I can see the appeal of the air / iMac combo, I would prefer to have a Retina MBP and 27" NEC PA217W combo.

Retina display is not a gimic and the machine is crazy fast. Once you "load up" a non retina MBP with SSD, costs pretty much the same as the Retina!

Fotoloco wrote:

I have a 7yr old 15 inch Macbook pro. Going to clean it up a bit then give it to my son. I need to buy a new computer for myself. Trying to decide what to get. I would love to have an 11inch Macbook Air AND a 27inch loaded up iMac, but can not afford that for now. So...

The air with processer/memory upgrade plus a 27inch monitor.

Another 15inch MB Pro with retina display.

A 27inch loaded up iMac.

I will have to make that decision for myself.

What I am interested in is the retina dislplay. Is it really worth it? If I was going to display photos on it then sure, but I am only doing processing. As long as I get the print I am after, I am good. Will the retina make it more easy or faster to get good prints? Not sure how. If so, and if the iMac is the way I want to go, I should probably wait to see if the next gen iMac comes with a retina.

Also, if the retina is the way to go, I may want to hook up a notebook to a 27inch when they become available. I am guessing a loaded up 15inch MB Pro will have the horsepower/graphics card to run one, but the air will not (at least effectively).

So - Retina worth it...or not?

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