Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Of 22mm f/2 envy ... not

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I'm going to assume that Leica involved in that test was designed with maximum resolution in mind,

Maximum for a full frame with less concern for angle of incidence ...

That being said, I also find it amusing that Sigma 19 didn't perform as well.

Why ? Should all FLs have the same performance just because manufacturers want them to be sharp ?

Another interesting bit... Sony's 50mm macro performed poorly compared to 30mm macro and even worse than Sony 16mm pancake.

I don't think that will make me conclude that Sony 16mm would be my choice for sharpness/resolution over the macro.

Why not ? You seem to be arguing against the notion that a $250 SIgma lens could be the better choice than a $2000 Leica lens for someone who only needs f/2.8 and APS-C ... and you're backing that up by saying you'd choose a softer lens for sharpness ?

Are you talking about the old FF 50/2.8 macro ? In what way does it "perform poorly" compared to the e-mount lenses ? Are you looking at tests and comparing max/center sharpness ? Is corner sharpness the reason you wouldn't choose them ? If so, then isn't it misleading to say it performs poorly when it doesn't ? And what does this have to do with Leica v. Sigma 30 ?

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