please help us find our perfect little digital camera

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please help us find our perfect little digital camera

Hey, it's time to go shopping for a new camera.

And I really need advice!!

We've been getting by with the 8MP point and shoot in my Samsung i8910 phone for the last couple of years, and it's actually served us pretty well. But now we have a good idea of what we really want in a camera, and I'm hoping that this year's offerings are going to get us pretty close.

So here are features important to us:

1) good battery life
2) good low light performance (indoor shots without flash, etc)

3) ability to take continous multiple shots (something like 10 fps would be ideal)

4) shoots 1020p video thats not too compressed (so we can grab frames later without too much blur)
5) fast startup time

6) portability - I'm used to something that can fit in a big pocket, the celphone camera was ideally handy...

What's NOT too important?

1) Megapixels - the vast majority of our pics end up being 1200 pixels for emailing, etc. We probably don't ever need more than 10mp, to be honest!! For us - 14, 16 mp is just wasting the battery and probably slowing down the shooting...

2) Zoom - a little is OK, but it's not critical for us

3) Manual controls - sometimes we need to adjust exposure, and maybe use spot metering, but we're mostly OK with "point and shoot on full auto"

So... what's a currently available camera that "does it all" - ideally a 10mp camera with great lens, great low-lux sensor, and continuous shoot capability, that can also do fullHD video?

And can such a beast comes in a very compact package with great battery life??

Perhaps even one of the new crop of "ruggedized" models ( water-proof, drop-resistant)??

Any and all advice to steer me towards (or away from!) certain models would be greatly appreciated

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