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Re: And a now missing web-page claimed that they told it

BJL wrote:

On the other hand, I am even more skeptical of those who are confidently declaring that it is a Panasonic sensor.

Well, I somewhat agree, especially if Panny buys Sony sensors for the LX7.
I am still a bit puzzeld though.

What Panny said (provided the translation is correct), is that the G5 sensor is
'different' from the sensor in the E-M5.
Logically that could either mean that
a) the EM-5 sensor is not a Panny sensor, or
b) that the EM-5 sensor is another Panny sensor, but not the same as in the G5.
(e. g. a GH3 derivate)

But semantically, what does 'different' mean? Different manufacturer or
different performance? From the little information that is available, I tend
to believe that in the context, Panny meant a difference in performance.

Otherwise they should rather have worded it 'it is another sensor' or 'not our
sensor'. Then the word 'different' should implicate some good knowledge about
the EM-5 sensor, but do they have that knowledge? Has Oly or Sony
provided them with detailed data?
OTOH, Panny should definitely have that knowledge if the EM-5 sensor
is a Panny sensor.

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