Need for a DX 2,8 / 50 - 200 VR/OS?

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Re: Need for a DX 2,8 / 50 - 200 VR/OS?

PatMann wrote:

I would not expect to see a 50-200 f/2.8 DX lens - it would be as large as the 70-200 for FX - what's the point, and where's the market?

It would work as a 2,8 75-300 regarding light and field of view and like a 4.0 75-300 regading DOF - and I would buy it even with the size of the 70-200

I have been waiting for a long time for a 50-135 f/2.8 DX VR lens to provide an equivalent high quality event zoom lens for DX in a lighter more compact package than the 70-200. It's clear that Nikon is not providing the same level of support for DX that they provide for FX - witness also the complete absence of wide fast DX primes and lack of even one PC lens for DX. But no other maker has really met this obvious need either, so there's not a more user-oriented brand to switch to, at least until one of the other APS-C makers expands their lens lineup.

We can praise Pentax for their - even slash prove - 2,8 50-135!

I suspect we'll never see it. The 24-120 covers almost the same range at f/4, we might see a 70-200 f/4 or even a 50-200 f/4 FX lens of high quality that gives us a little lighter option.

I suspect I will reluctantly, and with some irritation at the wasteful and unnecessary larger size and greater cost of everything, have to migrate to FX to get a full range of lenses well suited to their purpose available for my primary camera.

Yes, I guess many do that. I just dont want to do 1800 meters of elevation hikes with a D700/800 and a 16-35 VR. The D300+12-24 is almost too much in such cases

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