Nikon picking on Sigma again? Easy fix from Sigma?

Started Aug 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: "picking on"

I see several Nikon defenders in this thread. While I think everyone agrees that Nikon is not responsible for making sure third party lenses are compatible with their new bodies, I also don't know that they don't make deliberate changes to newer bodies to purposefully mess up the 3rd party lenses. I'd be interested to hear if someone knows for sure one way or the other. What changed in the D7000's live view that didn't impact Nikon lenses, but impacted my Sigma 50-150 II and 30 1.4? I doesn't bother me much as I rarely use live view, but it does make lens testing harder with these lenses.

I know this is one of the reasons I'll pay more for a Nikon lens, so I can't say I blame Nikon for using every advantage they can.

madecov wrote:

I also do not blame Nikon as they have no responsibilty to insure third party products are compatible with their products.

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