How bad is the 14-42 mk I that bundles with the E-PL1?

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Re: Trying to Decide on Options.

Thanks for your sharing your opinion on my options.

KwhyChang wrote:

Going to a mirrorless system, like µ4/3, that uses CDAF (contrast detection auto focus) will give you more keepers and a lighter system. But it's an expensive option in the long run if you decide to go that way.

Yeah. A $500 investiment is a P&S. $1000 is expensive. Going $2k to $3k investiment is major. I got a lot invested in a DSLR right now. So I figure if I go over $1k on a mirrorless system, I'm committed long term.

The Canon and the Sony #1 and #3 on your list don't have lots of native lenses, but rely on adapters to use other lenses. Those are also both expensive options.

If only Canon priced a "pro" version of the EOS-M with a decent EVF and more pro-am controls for around the price of the standard version, I'd go for it. I got Canon EF primes and APS-C stuff to make the system work.

The Tamron lens is a great choice, if you decide to continue to use that system. I still sometimes use my Canon full frame and APS-c stuff, but have found that I prefer µ4/3 most of the time.

Ultimately I do want a compact system to use when I don't feel like hauling 10 to 15 lbs of DSLR system.

My plan with the PL1 is to learn to appreciate a light weight system that
can be used more discretely in street photography, learn to appreciate
having greater DOF that small sensors offer, and work around not having
very high ISO capabilities again.

Number 4 is a great choice and one I made, but you can still go smaller, and be very happy.

I strongly considered the Sony NEX 5 for now or a NEX 7 instead of the OM-D. Size of the lens and price-wise --- plus being a Canon fanboy --- made me inclined to wait to see if the EOS-M goes somewhere before going wiith the NEX.

Number 5 is a good option because the lenses help to make µ4/3 the great system it is.

I like the current options and price points. I could swing a $300 to $600 lens one at a time to spread out the costs.

Number 6, if you need an ultra compact... also a different class of camera, the RX100 is the state of the art right now.... the G1X would be too slow in AF for my standards. I'm trying out the RX100 and am really impressed.

Lot's of different choices you mapped out for yourself. Maybe narrow it to a type... ultra compact, mirrorless, or DSLR given what are your needs.

The path of least resistance for me right now is to play with m43. I'll buy a VF-2 (if I can find one used) or a VF-3 for the PL1 as the last investment on this old body. PL1 with an EVF would make a decent backup body should I decide to buy that OM-D.

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