Question for RX100 owners who have also owned the HX9v

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Re: Question for RX100 owners who have also owned the HX9v

Here are some of my pros and cons of the RX100 over the HX9V...


1. Larger Sensor - The newer sensor is up to 4x larger than conventional compacts and 3x larger than the premium compacts. This results in much better low capabilities. It is also higher in resolution, and has much better noise performance.

2. Faster Lens - f/1.8 at the wide end compared to f/3.3. This does close down rather quickly as you zoom in. But this is to be expected for a compact lens design like this.

3. Faster Operation - Everything on the RX100 is just faster (e.g. AF, shot-to-shot times., etc.)

4. Better UI - Although still not perfect, the menu system is better and the additional control ring and fn button is very nice. I do really like the ability to customize almost all the different buttons. But I would have liked the ability to move quickly between the different sections or tabs, using the zoom rocker for instance. As is, there can be a lot of scrolling through the menus depending on what you are looking for. I like the way Canon does it on my 5DIII.

5. RAW Support - One of my biggest disappointments with the HX9V was overly aggressive noise reduction and compression from the JPEGs. It is really great to have RAW support on the RX100. However, I will say that the JPEGs coming out of the RX100 are some of the best I have seen. My guess is that most people will be quite happy with just the JPEGs. But having RAW for the more challenging situations is certainly nice.

6. 3:2 Aspect - This is a big one for me personally. Absolutely hated the 4:3 aspect of the HX9V. Always ended up having to crop my 4x6 prints. 4:3 is just so yesterday. But it is still supported in the new RX100 if you want it, along with 16:9 and 1:1. The new LCD is also a native 3:2 aspect ratio. I should add that this new display is great in bright sun light with its WhiteMagic technology. The colors are much more accurate as well. The colors on the HX9V just appears to be over-saturrated.

7. Build Quality - The RX100 just reeks of quality with a couple of exceptions. I will leave those in the "cons" section. The buttons have a much better feel to them, unlike the ones on the HV9V, which I felt were a bit mushy. The control ring is silky smooth and does not do the "clicky" thing like the S100. Love that.

8. Styling - I suppose this can be very subjective. But I personally think the RX100 is a very sexy camera. Never thought I would ever think of a camera like that.

9. Size - Almost the same size as the HX9V. But it does "look" smaller, probably due to the all black finish. The Sony case I had for the HX9V fits the RX100 perfectly.

10. New Features - New features such as focus peaking and the electronic levels are welcomed additions.

11. Full Manual Control in Video - Full PASM control in video is nice. No manual audio levels though.


1. Build Quality - Although the overall quality is very good, the plastic door to the usb port is way too flimsy. I expect this to be the 1st thing that breaks off from this camera. The flash also feels flimsy to me. You really need to take extra care not to knock it while it is extended. And I just don't like the way to just pops up with absolutely no dampening. Just seems like a big shock to the flash every time it pops up. I just feel like I might as well have thrown the flash against the wall every time it pops up. This cannot bold well for its durability. Luckily, with the low light capabilities of this camera, I just leave it off most of the time. I much prefer available light shooting anyways. And for those times when I do need to use it, I just put my finger on top of the flash to cushion it for a "soft landing".

2. Lack of 24mm - Not a big con for me. But it can be for some. The HX9V goes to 24mm. But I can't say I miss it all that much since I find it to have a little too much distortion.

3. Battery - $50 for a spare battery from Sony. The one for HX9V are about $25 each for the HX9V.

As you can see, the list of cons is much short than the list of pros. The higher price may be viewed as a con for some. But you do get a lot for the money. I have no regrets.

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