Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

Alex Sarbu wrote:

maimou wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

maimou wrote:

Part 1

Who is the real competitor... Olympasonic or Canikon?

Neither. They're all friends, and pretend to "fight" on the market to keep the appearances

Hahaha... nice. Kumbaya eh?

You'd be surprised

Joining Olympasonic is called an "alliance"... it also works in world wars

Joining Olympasonic in... losing money? Having to give up on real cameras and make electronic gadgets instead?

Whatever; first persuade Olympus/Panasonic in joining Sony (or the other way around), then we'll see about Pentax.

Sony is big enough to play alone... just like Canon and Nikon.

And Pentax Ricoh.

Only dogmatic K-mount owners would see it this way.

Only dogmatic m4/3 owners would believe every other company should join their lesser format.

You have to think in business terms.

I do not have to think in your business terms; I can do better than that

Hahaha... nice

M4/3 is currently outselling Pentax, so the market does not think it is a lesser format.

It's a lesser format that sells... for cheap.

Actually, the E-M5 is more expensive than the discounted K-5.

Actually, most m4/3 cameras sold aren't OM-Gs.

That's right, but OM-Ds are not cheap.

If Pentax don't adapt and go down, we all lose.

What??? You're wishing Pentax to die? And you bet $$$ on their death or something?

Sorry Alex... this was a "cut and paste" typo.
If Pentax don't adapt, we all lose.... ah yes... that's better

Adapt to what?

They already have an answer to the mirrorless, they only have to refine it (K-01 being a "least possible effort" attempt). They are also preparing for a comeback in the DSLR arena.

The market would suggest the K-01 needs more than "refinement".

I am sure Pentax would compete very nicely.

With the K-mount, absolutely.
With a me too Panasonic lookalike, nope.

Well... I would love to be wrong on this.

You will be proven wrong, in less than 2 years time.

Meet you back here in 2 years... same time?

I will pay more attention in the future to the key world indicator: Bucharest!

Please do so



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