Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Nope. FF is the only answer for now.

The lowest denominator of photography today is snobbery, and to flatter that mindset, an FF offer must be there for Pentax to appear mighty and not toyish.

Agreed. Consumers want what the pros are using - monkey see, monkey do.
If the pros all start using FF, consumers will likely want the same.

I'm not sure if the majority of pros want to carry heavy FF systems, but if they do, you have a strong marketing argument.

I think most pros want the lightest kit that will meet their performance requirements.

If a smaller/lighter system will meet their performance requirement, I think they will go that way.

If not, they will go for the bigger sensor and lenses and have to accept the greater kit weight and cost.

So which way are the pros going over the next few years?

Pentax need to figure this out to make sure they are producing the right products to double their sales.

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