Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

Part 2

If an M4/3 user loved the Pentax M4/3 lens, they will seriously consider the Pentax body the next time they are shopping for a body.

Nope; because they like some Panasonic m4/3 camera and not a Pentax.

Well, I think Pentax can compete in bodies and lenses.

Where Pentax have proven they cannot compete is in their understanding of market trends and marketing in general.

Impossible; they're making exactly the kind of cameras and lenses that I want. They understand me perfectly.

Hahaha... nice
If every consumer was like you, Canikon wouldn't have a chance

Use the multi-manufacturer approach of M4/3 as a cheap marketing tool to bring brand awareness to Pentax.

Great for cheapening the brand.

I see... so you think Q and K-01 has improved the prestige of Pentax? Really?

Those were never intended to improve the prestige. Brand visibility, yes; but prestige? For that, there's the 645D.

Thank goodness for that!

Do you really think the Olympus E-M5 has cheapened the Olympus brand?

The m4/3 surely did. m4/3 which, FYI, is not solely about the OM-G but mostly about cheap consumer stuff.

We know Pentax produces great products, so give the people a taste and they may come back for a meal.

They're already doing it, for the K-mount. What, you don't want K-mount? Then, you don't want Pentax.

Ah good... more looking at the past instead of making money in the future.

You're wrong; the K-mount definitely has a future. And it has the present, which is the basis on which that future will be built.

With thinking like this, Pentax is doomed.

On the contrary.

It's not about the K-mount.

Yes, it is.

It's about Pentax selling machines that take photographs.

And those machines are K-mount, mostly.

Who cares what the mount is?

The customers.

Consumers really don't care.

Olympyus and Panasonic consumers?

Canon have changed the mount a few times in their history and they are number one, right?

But they didn't go with a competitor's mount, did they?

Canon are smart enough to understand it is not about the mount... it is all about selling consumers what they want.

And here I thought they're selling EF mount cameras and lenses...

Glad you have seen your mistake
They are not selling a mount.
They are in the business of selling photographic machines.
The mount is a detail in the big picture.

Just some thoughts... but once again, I cannot see Pentax achieving its stated goal of doubling sales without a good mirrorless strategy.

Regardless of what we think, the market has spoken... K-01 and Q are not the right mirrorless strategy.

Q is doing quite fine, in its intended market.

You can't be serious.

I can and I am serious: the Q is doing better than you think, in Japan.

Call me when it sells in large numbers, at retail price, outside Japan.

They have slashed the prices just to start moving Q.

Obviously, the launching price was inflated.

When you have to slash and burn to sell, you are not "doing quite fine".

Correcting an inflated price is not the same as "slash and burn".

I can feel the flames from here and am reaching for the marshmallows.



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