Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

Part 1

Alex Sarbu wrote:

maimou wrote:
Part 2

You are right, there is no magic to M4/3.

What M4/3 offers is near dSLR quality at a much lighter system weight (when including lenses etc).
It think that is the real appeal of M4/3.

For Pentax, m4/3 is a competitor. Joining a competitor isn't something that will easily happen, and Pentax definitely won't do it.

Actually... the 3rd party lens market is taking off with M4/3.
Nokton, Sigma, Samyang, Schneider just to name a few.

Pentax is not a 3rd-party lens maker, and should not become one.


Pentax should never become a mere 3rd party lens maker... but why shouldn't they take market share from other manufacturers by selling their lenses to fit on the competitors' bodies?

Because they should never become a mere 3rd party lens maker; helping competitor's systems would go in that direction.

I believe Pentax produces technically excellent products, but their decision making regarding market trends is just terrible.
Q and K-01 prove this.
I can see no reason why they could not compete against Olympus and Panasonic.

If they are part of M4/3, then it is not the "competitor's system"... it is Pentax's system too.

Pentax could sell even more bodies this way.

What? No, they would sell less cameras because:

a. people would lose their trust in the K-mount future (thinking Pentax is giving up, because joining the competition seems like a desperate move).

Adding a successful Pentax mirrorless line while still supporting K-mount would be giving up?

Joining a competitor's format instead of going their own path is giving up.

Who is the real competitor... Olympasonic or Canikon?
Joining Olympasonic is called an "alliance"... it also works in world wars

Only dogmatic K-mount owners would see it this way.

Only dogmatic m4/3 owners would believe every other company should join their lesser format.

You have to think in business terms.

M4/3 is currently outselling Pentax, so the market does not think it is a lesser format.

Typical camera buyers don't care what the mount is... they want a system that fits their needs and if Pentax will not produce it, they will look elsewhere.

I care what the mount is; since I have quite a few K-mount lenses. Guess what, people like me are called "Pentax customers" and should be taken care of by Pentax - by continuing making products they'll buy.

Pentax taking care of Olympus and Panasonic customers by offering them Olympus and Panasonic-compatible equipment is a ridiculous thought.

I also own K-mount lenses.
If Pentax don't adapt and go down, we all lose.

b. buying a Pentax camera because you want a Pentax lens would no longer be necessary.

You're thinking too small.

You're denying even such a simple fact? OK, let's play.

Even in the M4/3 world, people like to match body and lens brand if possible.

You'd be surprised how volatile is that "liking", but oh well... let's say you're "right:.

Assuming Pentax would produce great limited glass for M4/3, consumers would be drawn to a Pentax M4/3 body.

But people would not buy Pentax m4/3 lenses, because they like to match body and lens brands - so they'll keep buying Oly/Pana lenses to match their bodies

No. They usually look to their body brand first and if not satisfied with what is available, they can choose from other brands.
I am sure Pentax would compete very nicely.

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