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Re: Of 22mm f/2 envy ... not

headofdestiny wrote:

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You do know that not all NEX cameras have the same sensor. And lenses are not designed for specific sensor to begin with.

I know that you've become involved in these forums for all of a week or two, but your knowledge has some catching up to do.

When your argument begins with a "you're a newbie" argument, the last thing you should worry about is my knowledge. But, I'm, indeed, trying to learn people like you. It will take some time, and you're helping.

"You do know that not all NEX cameras have the same sensor" was an implication that elicited my "newbie" response, as you were implying that I don't know what I'm talking about, when, in fact, you're incorrect. If I misread you, then I apologize.

Instead of wasting time on apologies and newbie comments, stick to what is being discussed and acknowledge that quoting "designed for NEX" is a lame statement to make as it opens up a can of worms. If you want to talk sensor size, talk in terms of sensor size, not a camera model.

The NEX-5N and NEX-7 have very different sensor toppings, and both receive light rays with acute angles differently. On tear down, it has been shown by Vivek on GetDpi that the NEX-7 has an extra piece of glass directly in front of the sensor (which is likely an AA filter for video,) and the NEX-7 doesn't not handle angled light rays nearly as well as the 5N. This piece of glass likely causes more astigmatism on the NEX-7. There is also speculation about different microlenses arrays, but that is unconfirmed.

So what? Are you wanting to discuss lens design, or sensor design? Or, still trying to prove that lenses are designed for particular sensors in an interchangeable lens camera?

And that has NOTHING to do with your argument. You went with the excuse: "but lens xyz is made for NEX". I say, again, "designed for NEX" doesn't mean anything when it comes to sensor. It would, if ALL models used the same sensor, and lenses were actually designed to be sensor specific. They aren't.

I'm not sure what this means, but, yes, the 50 Summilux was not designed for the NEX sensor.

As if...
-There is only one NEX sensor, and lenses are designed by sensor.

-Summilux is designed for a specific sensor, hence should not be mentioned a benchmark elsewhere because... it ain't the lens that counts, its the sensor.

Makes me wonder if you believe that lenses can't stand on their own merits.

Either way, that wasn't my point. The 50 Summilux isn't designed for the NEX sensor size. It has a Zone B dip that falls right at the corners of the aps-c sensor, so you're not maximizing its potential on a NEX camera.

And where exactly is its potential? Let me hear that excuse next. Or may be, you're also trying to prove involuntarily that it was stupid of Cicala to quote the Leica as the benchmark and throw it into the comparison, that he should have known better that it ain't a benchmark on anything but FF? Is that it?

Lenses are very much designed with both registration and sensor in mind, because, as you move towards the periphery of a sensor, it becomes more difficult for pixels to receive angled light rays. The Sigma 30, Canon 22, etc. are very different designs than you'd see for similar lenses on DSLR.

But, NOT for the reason you believe them to be.

Ahem... you might have a point if you said that lenses were designed for full frame or APS-C (sensor size) instead of "but it was designed for NEX sensor". The latter makes for a rather uneducated argument. But then, that actually sounds better than suggesting that FF lenses will perform worse on APS-C sensor bodies.

I would think that "designed for NEX sensor" implies size as much as anything else, but there are differences in AA filters, microlenses, etc. for the aps-c sensors in NEX, Fuji, Samsung, etc., and that is all taken into account with lens designs from each mirrorless manufacturer. A Fuji X-Pro1 lens may perform quite differently on the NEX-5n as it does on its native 16mp sensor.

Wow, this has gotten a little off topic. Sorry everyone!

It is ridiculous to assume a lens being designed for a sensor in an interchangeable lens camera. Now, admit it that you believe that Cicala no longer considers Leica Summilux to be a benchmark by default... because it ain't so on a NEX sensor. You believe it, right?

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