How many new member to this forum because of RX100?

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Re: How many new member to this forum because of RX100?

David118 wrote:

I have an Oly XZ-1 which is quite good but I hate the user interface.

Agree about the XZ1 user interface. Too many useful setting require digging into the menu. Plus the camera would freeze from time to time if I changed the mode dial a second too soon after taking a picture, requiring me to remove the battery to re-set the camera.

My only concerns are that the ring doesn't click and is apt to be moved by accident...

I wouldn't worry about that. It is not overly loose, and does not seem to be prone to inadvertent motion.

...there is no viewfinder for very bright sun...

Well, there is a Sunny Weather LCD setting that seems amazing. I haven't tried it in an area nearer to the Equator, but in the noon day sun here in Boston it is great, when the XZ1 viewfinder would become a mirror.

I expect I will like it much more than my XZ-1.

I certainly do!

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