Decision on Sony 55-210 lens

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Re: Decision on Sony 55-210 lens

I recently bought the 55210. I really wanted some more reach as I was missing out on plenty of wildlife pics as the 1855 didnt cut it.

So far, 6 weeks or so, im very pleased I got it. I captured an endangered bird the "yanbaru kuina" totally by chance, and a wild deer. Something that would have not been possible before.

To be honest comparing to a compact superzoom, 210 is nothing. You are looking at 50ft max for anything football sized. However it does work very well for grabbing close detail out of mid range subjects 20-30ft away & that is very useful.

You can also have a go at the moon. You have to crop a lot, but the result isn't half bad.

I have yet to try it on the street, I prefer the low profile of the 16mm, but i think there are excellent opportunities to be had in the market place with this zoom to grab expressions & gestures. It just if you are brave enough to risk being spotted - a zoom is a rather obvious intrusion if someone looks your way! (oh yes, you must consider the size, this is a long lens 10cm sticking out from your camera & 15cm if its full zoom)

At the end of the day my choice was this 55210 or the super expensive 18200. I was not about to buy a lens that costs more than the camera for my level, so I was left with only this choice.

Yes its possible to get other "non E-mount" lenses & adaptors, maybe even cheaper, but its adding hassle & you lose some functions like autofocus etc - Im still learning a lot & so that wasnt a complication I wanted.

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