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Re: Use Dropbox

What OS are you using?

If you're using Windows Explorer, you should see a "Dropbox" menu choice when you right click on a file in one of your Dropbox Folders. Then, you should find an option to get a public url after you go into the dropbox submenus. Depending on the Operating Sytem, it may say get url versus get link. But, you should find a similar option somewhere.

With linux, I think most of their client software is specific to the Nautilus file manager. I use KDE instead, so I'm using a KDE Dropbox Service Menu addon to provide the additional features to Dolphin (the file manager I use)

Here's an article showing how it works (and it may look at the Operating System you're using to click on it and give you OS specific instructions):

Note that the ability to get a link for files that are not in the "public" folder under dropbox is a relatively new feature. If memory serves, I had to go to this link to get that feature working:

But, the ability to get a link to anything in your dropbox/public folder has been there for ages (only the ability to get links to files in other dropbox folders is new).

It could also be that the desktop client software you have is just very old (although the get link feature has been there for a long time) If you go to the article I linked to, it should tell you how to use it, and also give you a link to install the client software on your PC.

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