Moon, Nex-7, Tamron 18-200, handheld

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gfrensen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,627
Re: Moon, Nex-7, Tamron 18-200, handheld

First I like your moon! Love the tree in front of it, it gives that litle extra.

The picture would be even better when it was a little bit sharper. The only way to get it sharper is when you:
put the camera on a tripod
Use Manual focus with focus assist in the largest enlargement possible

Tocus on the moon, tak a picture, examine the picture on your coputer screen, or use the LCD and enlarge as much as possible
Refocus and do again until the picture is tack sharp.

When the moon is high in the sky you will find it easier to get sharper focus (less atmosphere to penetrate)

When you take a picture of the moon try it at hhalf moon, moor details will be visible.

Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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