Focus Issues D3s/D300s and general focus question...

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Re: Focus Issues D3s/D300s and general focus question...

Short update,

So I ended up spending some time with the technician and looking at focus on my 85 1.4... At 2 M there was a bit of front focus, at 4.7 meters the front focus was so bad that it was off the testing chart... The camera was indoor on tripod but we did kind of rush through the test. His comments were that this is normal and will happen on all lenses, he also said that another factor is the f-stop which we too have been able to confirm - as you change the f-stop the focus tends to shift...

Now I don't want to sound too anal, however given that both the camera and lens used in test is as good as it gets, shouldn't this not be an issue???

How many people have tested for focus accuracy on same f-stop at various distance to the subject and have the same issue?

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