nex 5n vs 7 (from zeiss 24mm point of view)

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Re: nex 5n vs 7 (from zeiss 24mm point of view)

Absolutic wrote:

Again, have u read Dpreview own review of NEX7? NEX 5n? Do u trust reviewers on this site ? Read the conclusion on NEX 7. It says in black and white tat nex7 has the best pic quality of any crop camera on market.

Nobody denies that, but the differences are far less then many think. When you take a picture with both the Nex5n and the Nex7 under the same conditions, with the same lens, focussing at the same point, with the same settings. I think it will bevery hard to see many differences when you print the pictures at the same (large) size. Yes when you go pixelpeeping at 10% you may find some more detail, but in the print? I doubt it. When you do the same on a true HD television The differences will be zero.

So only in super large print or when cropping to 100% you will notice the differences. And that is what all testers do...

If u personally compared both 5n and 7, seeing the detail on 7 at full resolution is astounding it is almost like looking at d800 at full res. there is never such a feeling when looking at 5n pix at full res. that 2010 16mp sensor is good in low light so if this is ur main use and having uncomfortable grip, absence of enough buttons absence of proper hot Shoe, is ur thing then by all means 5n is a better choice.

You make the nex5n looks bad in this wayyou could also say:

When using your camera at hig ISO/low light conditions without flash and can work with less controls, the Nex5 is the best camera for you.

When you want the best resolution and are willing to pay for the best lenses, want to use a normal flash, a VF etc. The Nex7 is the best of both.

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