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Re: Macflux

dvdesign wrote:

Don't buy this or anything from this company (Macware), you will never get any support or update.
They just cheat people with old version, and you can't get any support.

We have profs about what we are saying, it's bad and sad that some company dos work like this.
Just find the original author, there you will get update and support.

Agreed. I had just recently purchased Flux version 3 late last February when the authors (the Escapers) came out with version 4, at a very substantial upgrade fee. Then I saw Macware's offer for Macflux, which was for a lower price than an upgrade to version 4 from the Escapers, yet which promised a free upgrade to version 4 "in two to three weeks." That was four months ago, iin April, and the upgrade never happened, and inquiries to Macware have received zero response.

The Macflux file size for the Flux version 3 that I downloaded was about six times the size of the real Flux version 3 that I already had, and the Macflux version was a much earlier edition of version 3 than the version that I had purchased direct from the Escapers. Macware is due for several lawsuits for deceptive business practices.

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