nex 5n vs 7 (from zeiss 24mm point of view)

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Re: nex 5n vs 7 (from zeiss 24mm point of view)

come'on now...

I'm not even going to try to defend the Nex 7 sensor... yields only more croppability? really?

take a look at the sensor scores of the Nex 7 and the Nex 5n |0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28appareil2%29/737|0/%28brand2%29/Sony

review the measurements tab. At ISO 800 and below... the Nex 7 sensor is much better than the 5n

What is "much" better means in real life pictures? Let's see:

The Color depth : 24,1 vs 23,6 that is 0.5 bits more for the Nex7 Yes that is more but will such a small amount of difference be noticeble in any kind of print?

The Dynamic Range Will the .7 EV be very noticable in real life? I doubt it.

And for low light the Nex5 wins, but if the ISO 63 points will be that noticable again I doubt it.

Yes the Nex7 is marginal better, but to see the real life differrences in Print or when viewing the picture on a big screen. The results will be very close and more dependable on things like Focussing, the best exposure and so on then on the quality of the camera.

The strong points for the 7 are mentioned befor: Ergonomics, Tri navi system, build in VF, flash shoe. The IQ is excelent for both.

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