Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

Alex Sarbu wrote:

maimou wrote:

Part 1
Mirrorless is growing market share fast... Pentax needs a solid mirrorless line.
K-01 and Q are just not competitive in the market place.

They can be made competitive, if necessary.

Ummm... it's necessary right now.

It is a good idea to also have a range of dSLR cameras, but this alone is not enough.

"To also have a range of dSLR cameras" - wow. So their main business and their source of income is like an after thought.

Well... the OP was asking whether Pentax could double sales... to consider the question intelligently, you have to consider the competition, right?

Consider the competition is one thing, consider giving up on your strengths and joining the competition, another.

Well, mirrorless is dSLR's primary competition for the next few years.

M4/3 seems to be the fastest mover in this market, so it is necessary to consider the M4/3 format to address the OP's question.
To simply call it a "lesser format" is short sighted.

But that's what it is.

It's still a business and it's about sales and market acceptance.

Taking a business perspective, it may be the less profitable product that is the "lesser format"?

It's funny how you're talking about "profitable"; since m4/3 companies aren't doing great.

M4/3 has just come of age... keep watching this space...

We want Pentax to be profitable so it can still sell you K-mount, right?

Hold your horses. You were just saying Pentax should jump to m4/3 - thus helping m4/3 competing against the K-mount; how's that helping the K-mount?

A great selling feature for the K-5 and K-30 is the weather resistance.

The Olympus E-M5 is also weather resistant - and the upcoming Panasonic GH-3 is rumoured to have a weather resistant body... Pentax advantage lost.

Really? The K-30 is more affordable and not by a small margin.

You are right, the K-30 is MUCH cheaper than the Olympus E-M5.
In Hong Kong, the K-30 bodies have already been discounted to $AU640.
The same trader is selling the E-M5 body for $AU1,016.
You see? It is not always about price.

It is about price, since Pentax has the most affordable weather sealing kit.

The K-30 is MUCH cheaper, has a larger sensor and still sells less units than the E-M5.

The K-30 was barely launched out on the market and there still are supply issues; it's also sold besides the similarly priced, near EOL K-5.
Does the Olympus OM-G sell in higher quantities than both K-30 and K-5?

Yes. In Melbourne camera stores the OM-D is outselling K-5 and K-30 combined.
It is not even close.
Both K-5 and K-30 are in stock and there are no supply issues.
It's the OM-D that has supply issues.
If the OM-D was in stock, the difference in sales would be even more stark.

BTW: I find these sales differences very disappointing.
I am a huge fan of the Pentax brand and really want to see them flourish.

They are a great company and deserve to be doing much better in the market place.

So to answer your question... yes, really!

Try harder. Wait, please don't - I don't care about that OM-G thing.

Hahaha... come on Alex... we're just getting started brainstorming the OP's question.

These M4/3 cameras will make it even more difficult for Pentax to achieve the doubling of sales - weather resistance AND mirrorless in the fastest growing market.

I don't care about m4/3 propaganda.

One man's propoganda is another man's marketing.

What you call propoganda may be very good marketing.
The point is that it is still a business and it's all about sales.

So you're doing m4/3 marketing in the Pentax DSLR Talk forum?


Alex, I'm offering some thoughts which I think would help Pentax double its sales. I do what I can to serve

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