iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

Peter Rongsted wrote:

Abrak wrote:

As I understand it the Apple IOS will not allow the program to 'delete' photos imported into the App. As an app that is principally designed to sort through your photos and reject pics at an early stage this seems a major problem. What I do not quite understand is that I use an app called 'portfolio pro' which is a gallery app whereby I import photos from Flickr. This app lets me delete individual photos and whole galleries within the app.

iOS will not allow 3rd party apps to delete photos from the built-in photo database. For that you have to go the Photo app. But apart from that photos imported into Photosmith can be fully managed within the app.

IMO if you use Lightroom on your computer Photosmith is a must have on the iPad.


Exactly. I learned that some apps decide to create their own galleries, while most others use the iOS Photos database. Those doing the latter, like Photosmith, have access to all of the photos on the iPad from other apps also using it. That's a significant feature for many. I suspect that Portfolio Pro uses its own image library, and that's why it can delete them (maybe someone else can confirm that). Apps using the iOS Photos library are not given delete access by the iOS. They're not even given access to the file names, which gives the app developers all sorts of challenges.

Photosmith does let you assign Pick and Reject flags, just like in LIghtroom. If using LR 4, these flags will sync. If you use LR 3.5/6, they won't sync but instead will put Picked and Rejected into the Copy Name field in the metadata. Another method is to use a star or colour rating to flag photos you want to delete in LR.

How all this affects you depends on your workflow. For me, once I'm done working with a particular set of photos, I simply remove the collection from Photosmith and delete all the photos from the iPad Camera Roll. Note that photo deletion on the iPad will never delete the photos on your computer, so it's safe.

A direct delete feature from within Photosmith would certainly be nice, but the app is still extremely useful without it. I don't know if the developers are still exploring other work arounds within the iOS.

Help that helps.

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