Best photography Twitter feeds to follow...

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Re: Best photography Twitter feeds to follow...

What I want on my Twitter feed is stuff like this to come up:

plagiarism/copyright infringement case
the eye has 576 megapixels and a nighttime iso of 800
here's how to fix highlight clipping in pp
here's the shortlist of pics for the sony world photography awards
my problems encountered with street photography

Basically just interesting stuff - latest news, latest interesting blogs, experiments, legal cases, techniques, problem solving, articles on the ethics or philosophy of photography. Not really gear.

eg found one called petapixel - some recent tweets

How photographer Frank Kunert creates and captures miniature worlds..

Warning - you may lose your appetite. The secret ingredients in food photographs:

A nifty panoramic pinhole camera made with LEGO blocks:

Composite photos of tourists watching nuclear explosions

How to shoot RAW time lapse, a tutorial series by Preston Kanak:

etc etc

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