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Re: F5 the best? Not so much...


jdrpc wrote:

After having used several F series Nikons I got an F5! Soon I changed it for a F100 I still have which was much better in several points! One of them, not a minor 1, the F100 has the brightest finder EVER of ANY Nikon SLR!

I have both too and that's barely noticeable, not to the point that I would give the F100 the advantage. I only think the AF points are better lit and more visible.

I still use mine for film, together with my Digital Nikons...

So do I, regularly. more than my D200.

And it's much lighter than the F5!

That's not necesseraly an advantage, purely a matter of choice and personal taste.

Only Minus, cannot change viewfinders....


Don't get me wrong, I too think that, for convenience, my favorite is the F100 but the F5 is the better camera, a true workhorse workhorse of speed, precision and reliability. oh, and did I mention it's also beautiful?

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