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Re: Moneydance/time machine

You're not giving anyone enough information to help you.

Time-machine will help you to restore files but it's up to you to work out what you need to restore and what to do with the files once you've restored them.

For example, if you restored a file "WordDocument.docx" you would need to ensure you had a MS word compatible application to read them. Some 'files' are actually 'bundles' of files and you need to ensure you restore the correct package. When restoring you also need to ensure you restore the files to the correct location, either overwriting the newer ones or into a new location... where you can then open them from.

Sounds like to me you haven't restored the correct files, or you've only restored some of them you need.

Providing information on the apps you use, how you organise your data and what you selected in time machine may allow someone to help.

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