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Re: Nicly done!

Jorginho wrote:

But in order to compare, how can we judge the noise with such a small picture?

I will put it on my web site and send you a link.

Noise is visible on 100%, but that doesn't bother me at all. I can print up to 60cm by 45cm and get the quality I want.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 + m.Zuiko 12mm f/2

Focal length: 12mm
F-stop: f/2
Exposure time: 1/1250
ISO speed: ISO-1600

Now, the point is if I shot with E-M5 as I would with Canon 1D mk IV or Canon 5D mk II, I would have used different settings because of DoF.

With m43, I knew that I will have enough DoF even wide open.

My beef with Panasonic photographer is that he didn't prepare himself for the assignment and get to know the camera.

On top of that, shots like this:

"Nice" portrait of the gymnast. You can really read expression on his face while he is watching competitor on rings.

C'mon, he has to be better than this.

He is better than this for sure!

So, why doesn't he show us better shots?!

I hope that somebody from Panasonic is reading this forum and that they will react.

As somebody pointed out before: these are the shots I expect from a top pro photographer regardless of equipment he/she is using:

Myself as a photo geek, will pay more attention composition, focus, dof, bokeh, and the whole nine yards. But, that doesn't matter in the end. Some photos work, and some don't - even if they are technically correct.

No camera can help you if you didn't position yourself to take a photo:

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